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Freedom to Breathe is a vehicle to capture stories of resilience and courage in the face of injustices that Americans face today.


A 5,000 mile cross-country tour beginning in Atlanta and ending at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, the tour comes as movements led by people of color, youth, and women are taking hold across the U.S. Through a series of town halls and community visits, Freedom to Breathe drives toward unity in America’s call for social justice.


Issues of climate, housing, mass criminalization,
good jobs and reproductive justice intersect.


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Something is wrong when a five-digit number can accurately predict how long an American will live, how much money they have, and how likely they are to go to college. Zip codes capture this because some communities in America face a disproportionate amount of inequalities. Too often, people of color, the elderly, or indigenous people are saddled with the weight of injustice.

In these communities we also see the heart of America’s social movements. 

It’s here that issues like climate, housing, mass criminalization, good jobs, and reproductive justice intersect. The threat of sea level rise in Miami is displacing low-income residents as wealthier people retreat from ocean views to higher land. In Louisiana, Black, brown and indigenous communities are more likely to live near fossil fuel power plants, causing a host of health challenges from asthma to cancer. They’re also more likely to live in places without emergency escape plans, like communities at the end of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline who are hung out to dry when storms come.



Freedom to Breathe is driving across 9 states over 21 days to highlight the links between climate justice and social justice.




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